Becoming a “fulltime woman”…

Several years ago my husband was teaching an elementary music class and watched “Fiddler On the Roof” with his students. He asked the students to answer several questions after the movie to determine if they had been paying attention. One of the questions was, “Who is your favorite character, and what did they do in the movie?” We had a hilarious time reading the responses to his questions that evening, but by far our favorite was this…

“My favorite character is Golde. She is a fulltime woman.”

I assume that the student meant to say that Golde was a fulltime mom, or housewife, or some such thing, but instead what came out was, “fulltime woman”.

We have been making jokes about my occupation ever since.

By God, if we women can be anything at all, let’s make sure to be a “fulltime woman“!

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