Navigating Life Sorta Naturally Part 2

This page contains affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links. I only link to products that I have used myself and wholeheartedly recommend. Thank you for your support.

After adding better foods to our diet, the next challenge to tackle was daily vitamins. Now I am sure that many people will tell you that we can get all the needed nutrients and vitamins right from our food, and they would be right…sort of. The problem is that the foods we buy today are shallow copies of nutrient rich foods that once were, so it’s like making a copy of a copy of a copy…you get the picture. I believed that the amount of food my kids would have to consume to get the needed daily vitamins and minerals ONLY from food would be too great for practicality at this point, so I decided a dual approach was necessary. Great foods and daily vitamins. Having specific health needs, we were already deficient in several vitamin areas, and I knew the best way back to health for us was a strong step forward.

Lord, have mercy! Who knew that so many vitamin companies existed and pledged to be everything that you ever needed? We spent almost a solid year just trying out new vitamins each month, trying to discover ones that when combined had most of the vitamins and minerals we needed AND were edible. Some vitamins were absolutely awesome in quality and tasted terrible, like Rainbow Light chewables for children. Awesome vitamin, terrible taste. Whose kid is actually going to eat that!?! (l see now that Rainbow Light has come up with a gummy vitamin instead of the chewable, but any child older than 3 has to take 4 gummies a day for the % daily value, and these vitamins are expensive. I have four kids, so that wasn’t a cost effective option for me!) Some vitamins tasted awesome and were about as nutritious as candy…you mamas know the ones that I am talking about! And on top of all this, it had to be cost effective. The best nutrients for the lowest price…..what to do!?!

In the end, the kids and I decided on these vitamins :

Little Critter’s Gummy Vites -a good array of vitamins, only two gummies needed per day for %daily value(some brands require 4!), cost effective, and a good taste made from natural sources

All Calm Gummies– a good dose of needed magnesium in a well flavored gummy. These have been a Godsend for my teenagers going through those hormonal shifts in life! One month, I forgot to reorder in enough time, and we had a few days the next month with no magnesium gummies…oh my gosh! These gummies really did make a difference because the days without them were emotional train wrecks for 3 out of 4 of my children. Our bodies really, really, really, REALLY need magnesium!

I also have two of my children that struggle with stomach issues and need a little help to keep the lines of intestines from clogging, so two of my children take a probiotic chewable or drink packet once a day. I do feed my children many roughage foods and also homemade yogurt, but it is not enough to keep two of them regular. The product below has 5 billion CFUs and seems to be the right amount to keep my children’s stomachs in check.

Culturelle Probiotic Chewable -It helps so much that it has solved many other body issues resulting from a backed up colon. I am so thankful for this probiotic!

For myself, I take a Rainbow Light high potency multivitamin everyday and St. John’s wart frequently. I have tried many other combinations but for my mental and emotional health, this combination works best.

Rainbow Light Women’s One -This vitamin is very effective for my body and cost effective. A 90 count bottle will cost you $30 and last for three months, excellent value! It is a little horse pill like to swallow, but that doesn’t bother me.

St. John’s Wart– Please do your research on this one before you take it! I struggle with depression and this has helped my body to find an equilibrium, but everyone’s body is different.

The last thing I will share are some great immunity boosters. My daughter had some serious health issues two years ago, and we couldn’t keep her well and breathing without steroids for more than a few days at a time. It was a mama’s nightmare…a child who can’t breathe on her own. I researched, and read, and tried all kind of crazy things, but in the end two things helped my girl the most to breathe regularly and participate in normal kid activities. These two things were…

Ningxia Red from Young Living– very expensive but very effective! This took my daughter from taking daily inhalers, machine operated breathing steroids, and liquid high potency steroids to taking ONLY a daily allergy pill, in only nine months! I gave her only 1 ounce a day to drink as she was young, but over time her immunity grew so strong that we didn’t need to take it anymore. I think it’s a very expensive option but well worth the investment if you have poor immunity.


ZHOU-Mune Elderberry Gummies– These gummies are high in elderberry, Vitamin C and Zinc, fairly cost effective, and good tasting. I only gave my children one a day since they were young and already taking a multivitamin. Now we make our own elderberry syrup for immunity, but this was a great option for me when I needed something easy and potent.

If you are going to travel down the vitamin road, I have two suggestions.

1)Use the same vitamin for a month and then switch brands. You really need to see how it effects you over a few weeks when it has built up in your system.

2)Record short notes on how the vitamins make you feel or changes good/bad that you observe in your family. This will help you remember which ones worked best in different areas and may help you find a good combination.

BON VOYAGE! May the vitamins be ever in your flavor!

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