January 30,2016

I am a fulltime woman.

By birth: a Virginian

By the grace of God: an Orthodox Christian

By choice: a wife, a mother of 4, a teacher, a homeschool mom, self employed, a singer, an avid reader, a persnickety editor, an aspiring children’s book writer, and an anxious first time blogger.

By nature: enneagram type 1 wing 2

And for my salvation: a special needs mom.

My top 5 favorite things: the day at dusk, a chord that is perfectly in tune, a great bonfire, a well told story, and prayers by candlelight.

I started blogging as a way to use my voice for good, to make extra money for my family, and to connect with others like and unlike myself. I have been loosely following a blog called https://differentbydesignlearning.com for a few years to help me be a better parent and teacher for my children, and I realized that this blog has really helped me to feel understood and know that I am not alone in my particular struggles.

I want more than anything else for some other fulltime woman to feel better after leaving my posts and know that she is not alone in her struggles.